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The Art and Science of Animal Behaviour

Positive Elements

The Perth Behaviour Vet

Positive Elements is a veterinary service that is dedicated to solving your pets behavioural issues. We aim to create harmony between owners and their animals by teaching with kindness, compassion and evidence-based methods. Using positive reinforcement as our primary training technique, our consultations and treatment plans are designed to modify the problem behaviour, while also strengthening the bond between you and your pet.

We are highly experienced in treating a wide range of behavioural issues in dogs and cats, such as:

Aggression to human and/or to other dogs

Anxiety and fear-related issues

Excessive barking

Separation anxiety


Toileting problems

Dog reactivity

On leash reactivity

Storm & noise phobia

Resource guarding

Obsessive-compulsive disorders such as tail chasing and spinning

Dementia or cognitive dysfunction 

Our services are available for owners to book directly, or by veterinary referral. 

What to expect from our consultations



Environment Assessment

Custom Plan To Resolve Problem Behaviour

Online Consultation Options

Ongoing Online


Kindness And Compassion

What our clients and dog trainers say about us

Dr Cathy has an exceptional knowledge of animal behaviour and wonderful low stress handling skills. She was able to make my dog, who is fearful of strangers, feel comfortable in her presence and offered me clear, concise advice on how to manage and improve her condition. She was compassionate and easy to talk to. I thoroughly recommend her services!

Ebony C. & "Maela"

I have known Dr Cathy for a number of years and, in my opinion, she is a very professional and caring Veterinarian. She has always been wonderful and compassionate in dealing with me and my Rottweiler Rebel, ever since he was a puppy.

In my capacity as a dog trainer, I have formed a valuable professional relationship with Dr Cathy over the years. In my role, it is vitally important to have a reliable and trustworthy Vet, who I can refer my clients to for the treatment of any behavioural issue. I truly appreciate her dedication to helping pets and owners with genuine compassion and a profound understanding of animal behaviour.

Dr Cathy is a highly experienced veterinarian with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in animal behaviour.
She is dedicated, calm, and kind, and goes above and beyond to help her patients with her exceptional service. Dr Cathy genuinely cares, and makes such a difference after just one visit.
If you need a compassionate and professional behaviour vet for your furry best mate, definitely contact Dr Cathy. She is truly amazing, we are lucky to have found her!

Dr Chloe H.


Kerry C. & "Rebel"

Kerry Pawsitive Dog Training

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