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We offer face to face and video consultations for WA residents.

We aim to address the underlying reasons for the problem behaviour, implement a long-term solution and provide ongoing support to you and your pet. We follow up with you 4 weeks after the initial consultation, provide coaching and adjust the management plan as needed. 

An initial consultation includes:

  • Two-hour consultation

  • Personalised, detailed and comprehensive behaviour report and behaviour modification plan for your pet sent to you, your regular veterinarian, and trainer

  • Behaviour modification/training plan

  • Call out fee *see below about cost

  • A follow up communication 4 weeks after the initial consultation

  • Liaison with your regular vet and trainer for ongoing management

  • Ongoing email support and correspondence for 6 weeks as required


You will need to provide some essential information about your pet's behaviour via an online questionnaire prior to the initial consultation.  

We may involve an experienced dog trainer who is recommended by Dr Cathy.

A revisit is generally required between 6 - 8 weeks after the first consult to evaluate the progress of your pet, and to make adjustments to the treatment plan. 

A revisit consultation is 1 hour. 

$535 for the initial consultation and $230 for revisit consultations for clients within 45km of Perth.

Travelling time and cost outside the standard travel zone is $15/5km.

For example,

For clients based in Mandurah or Clarkson, the initial consultation fee is $565

For clients based in Two Rocks, the initial consultation fee is $625

Dr Cathy visits Bunbury & Eaton Vet every month. For clients based in the Bubury region booked onto those dates, the initial consultation fee is $565.

Deposit: $200 will be charged when booking your appointment. 


Cancellation: If you need to cancel your appointment, please give at least 48 hours notice to receive the refund of your deposit. Rescheduling without extra cost or forfeiting your deposit may be arranged, so please contact us by email as soon as possible.

Education professinals
Dog Grooming

Cooperative Care Visit

Do you experience difficulties when providing essential care, such as nail clipping, grooming, daily medication, dental care, or giving insulin injections to your pet?

Is your pet very nervous about being examined by the vet?

Has your vet suggested you sedate your pet prior to veterinary visits?

Cooperative care involves teaching you how to communicate with your pet by reading their body language as well as teaching your pet to voluntarily accept handling procedures. This is achieved through the use of positive reinforcement based training techniques.

Dr Cathy has extensive experience providing cooperative care to pets and coaching caregivers through the process.

Book a 1 hour practical coaching session today!

Educational events for veterinary professionals

Dr Cathy is available for workshops, seminars and webinars. We will work with you and tailor make suitable content for your staff training sessions. A various topics are available, such as:

Low stress handling in GP practices

Basic principles of investigating and managing behaviour problems in dogs and cats

Treatment of behaviour problems

Current recommendations on puppy preschool programmes

Behaviour triage for vet nurses and vets

Educational events for pet owners

Dr Cathy is available for workshops, seminars and webinars on a various topics, such as:

Dog training tips

On-leash dog reactivity

Barking problems

Introducing new pets to the household


Introducing new babies to your pets

Children and dogs

How to prevent dog bites

Eduation pet owners
Cooperative Care
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