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Cooperative Care: minimising stress for your pet at vet visits

"It wasn't 'low-stress' it was actually no-stress (For both me and my dog!) Thanks Dr Cathy." From Sonya Dog Charming.

Make sure you watch the video with sound ON. You'll hear how happy Sonya (Willow's mum) was.

I visited Willow for a cooperative care visit last month.

Willow needs regular blood tests to monitor her heart condition. She found visiting the vet and having blood taken stressful, so her mum arranged a visit with me.

I used the vein on Willow's back leg called "saphenous vein". I put numbing cream on the skin beforehand to minimise the needle prick sensation. I allowed Willow to choose the position she feels comfortable. She also had a choice to walk away if she didn't want to take part in the procedure. I asked Willow's mum to feed her favourite treats - cheese . There was no restraint needed. In my experience, most dogs tolerate this approach well.

We offer personalised training to vets, vet nurses and vet hospitals for low stress handling.

We also offer Cooperative Care Visits to pet owners. We can teach you how to perform nail clipping, grooming, giving daily medication, dental care, or giving insulin injections with a low stress and positive reinforcement approach.

We can also perform a no stress blood draw like Willow did.

You can click the book online to arrange an appointment.


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