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"I'm Nervous" Harnesses: Helping Anxious Dogs Walk Easier

Updated: May 13

Is your dog easily startled, overwhelmed or reactive on walks? This simple tool could change everything.

If you have a dog that gets reactive around other dogs and people during walks, an "I'm nervous, give me space" harness may be a good choice for your pup. These special harnesses can be a game-changer, transforming stressful walks into more enjoyable experiences.

Charlie wearing a "I'm Nervous" harness
Charlie wearing a "I'm Nervous" harness

What's the message?

These harnesses feature bright colours and clear messaging like "I'M NERVOUS" or "GIVE ME SPACE". They act as a polite heads-up to other dog owners and pedestrians, making it easier to give your dog the space they need to feel comfortable. This reduces unwanted attention or interactions that can lead to stressful situations for both you and your dog.

Why they're helpful

  • Reduce anxiety: Your dog feels less pressure and anxiety when people understand their need for space.

  • Easier training: Creates a less stressful training environment by discouraging unwanted interactions. This allows you to focus on positive reinforcement and behavior modification without constant distractions.

  • Improved safety: Prevents well-meaning people or unleashed dogs from approaching. Minimizing the risk of unexpected triggers or negative encounters.

  • Stress-free walks: You and your dog will enjoy walks much more without feeling constantly on guard.

Where to get them

Many pet shops and online stores carry these harnesses. Amazon and Esty are also good places to look for one.

Remember: Even with the harness, it's still important to advocate for your dog and continue their training. A harness isn't a magic fix, but a tool to help manage their anxiety.

If your dog shows behaviour problems and is reactive on walks, we are here to help! This is a common issue that we help people to manage. You can book an appointment online.

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