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Managing Pet Behaviour: Medications Plus More

Dealing with problem behaviours in your pet can be incredibly stressful. You're not alone! Veterinarians trained in animal behaviour understand the challenges and are here to help. Here's what you need to know about a common approach to treating behavioural issues.

The Multi-Faceted Treatment Plan

For many pets struggling with behaviours related to anxiety or other mental health conditions, the best path forward includes:

  • Medication: To help your pet cope with stress.

  • Environmental Management: Changes at home to make your pet feel safer and reduce triggers.

  • Behaviour Modification: Training to teach them new ways to respond in stressful situations

The Role of Medication

Medications aren't a magic solution, but they play a critical role:

  • Reduce Intensity: Helps lessen the severity of your pet's reactions.

  • Decrease Frequency: Helps problem behaviours occur less often.

  • Faster Recovery: Allows your pet to bounce back more quickly from stressful episodes.

Side effects?

Importantly, the right medication shouldn't make your pet overly sleepy or change their personality. In the case of pets experiencing side effects, your vet may change the medicines or adjust the dosage.

Types of Medication

  • Long-term: Helps when your pet faces common or unpredictable triggers.

  • Short-term: Used for predictable stressful events or while waiting for long-term medication to become effective.

Work with your pet as a team to minimise behaviour problems
Let's work as a team

It Takes a Team

Medication is a powerful tool, but it works BEST alongside environmental management and behaviour modification training. Your behaviour vet will create a custom plan for your pet and guide you through the process. Some pets may eventually be able to go off medication, while others will benefit from long-term use.

Ready to Get Help?

If your pet's behaviour is causing distress, don't give up. Reach out to us to discuss a comprehensive treatment approach and help bring greater peace to your household.

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