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My dog has anxiety

This is Archie.

Archie has a few fear and anxiety-related problems. His anxiety manifested as excessive barking at visitors, fearful reactions to visitors, separation-related destructive behaviour, and aggression to other dogs.

He and his humans got in touch with me after dog trainer Kerry's Pawsitive Dog Training suggested Archie’s issues are not only “training problems”.

Kerry was totally right. A lot of pet’s problem behaviour are stem from underlying conditions. For examples: Pain – dental disease, skin disease, ear infection, urinary tract infection. Hormonal disease – thyroid disease, Cushing’s disease, diabetes. Mental health disorder – anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder. Neurological – cognitive dysfunction (like dementia in human), seizure, inflammation or infection of the nervous system such as toxoplasma, trauma.

All these need to be considered when a pet is showing problem behaviour.

During my visit, we went through Archie’s life history. I observed his behaviour and reactions. We then achieved some diagnosis and came up with a plan, involves both medications and a behaviour modification programme.

Archie is a lucky boy that his parents are committed to the treatment plan. Myself, dog trainer Kerry and Archie’s regular vet will all join forces to help Archie feels better.


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