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Spinning and tail chasing: a case of obsessive-compulsive behaviour

This is Kylo.

Kylo has obsessive behaviour including spinning and possession of toys. These behaviour could be triggered easily with slight changes in the environment and stress. His ability to perform normal social interactions was affected. It was significantly affecting the daily life and quality of life for both himself and his parents.

Fortunately he has very committed parents. They have been following Dr Cathy's behaviour modification plan. The behaviour modification plan involve redirecting Kylo to perform calmer behaviour, and teaching him relaxation techniques. Together with the right medications, he has made huge progress in 4 months!

He could even sit still for me to take a cute picture of him now.

We're gradually reducing his medication dosage. Kylo's parents understood it cannot be rushed. Kylo seems to have more bad days when he is on a lower dosage. It may take another 1-2 years before he can be weaned off the medications.

I am so proud of Kylo and his parents! We are feeling positive about his outcome.


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